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Boho Beau is a jewellery brand located in Barbados. It focuses on sustainable high-quality jewellery that fits your everyday look. Our jewellery is made of 14K Gold-filled which are both tarnish-resistant and friendly to some of you with sensitive skin or natural metals . Our designs are intended to be timeless and make your everyday life effortless.


The reason why I chose the name Boho Beau is because I want this brand to allow individuals to tap into a Free Spirited and Playful side of life; while spreading love by offering high-quality jewellery to all of my lovely customers. Then, in return seeing them share the same love with others so that it becomes a "Bohemian Love Loop".

My inspiration derived from different cultures and trends along with ideals from around the globe. I not only wanted to create a platform to introduce pieces and trends but that have cultural relevance and significance. It's not just jewelry, it's jewelry that embodies style, individuality, authenticity but also history. It was important for us  to honor these traditions.

My pieces are designed for the Boho Beau ladies who are not afraid to be themselves. She wears what's different and reflective of her experiences to new things through her travels.  


When you shop Boho Beau, we hope you see the love, care and even our imperfections. More importantly we hope it inspires you and that you learn something about the world  from our designs and share the love with others.

with love,

Misha :) 

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